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FORMUFIT (pron: form-yoo-fit) was created with one single focus:  Provide the tools and supplies our customers need to build amazing projects from PVC pipe.  FORMUFIT products are high-quality, long-lasting and safe PVC products that anyone, from amateurs to professionals can use, quickly, safety and easily.

By Makers, for Makers

Just like many of our customers, we got our start making projects out of PVC pipe and hardware store fittings. However, the plumbing-grade fittings we had access to did not meet the needs of our more and more intense and complex projects. They also were not attractive or flexible in their roles, and just looked sub-par or hacked. We decided to put together something that people could use to build beautiful, durable PVC projects.

千亿体育官网 our Products

千亿体育官网FORMUFIT PVC products are high quality; ultraviolet stabilized and made specifically for structure and design applications. One can literally create thousands of items using our fittings and off-the-shelf PVC pipe.

The Difference

千亿体育官网So what is the difference between our fittings and what you can get at your local hardware store? Here's are the key differences:

  • FORMUFIT PVC fittings, pipe and accessories have a high glossy, smooth finish
  • There are no manufacturer markings or stampings on our Furniture Grade PVC pipe.
  • All of the ends of FORMUFIT fittings and accessories are tapered down to the pipe
  • All FORMUFIT PVC products are formulated to withstand the abuse of sunlight and impacts. They keep their color and wont yellow or fade.
  • Unique product categories, such as 3-Way PVC Corners, 4-Way PVC Tees and 5-Way PVC Crosses

All FORMUFIT products are ideal for complex structure building, something you wont find in any hardware store. FORMUFIT PVC products carry the same ‘design language’ and combine to create the perfect end solution for your project needs.

Important information on Limited Resale

  • While we implore you or your organization to invent, manufacture, assemble or design a finished product using FORMUFIT products and offer those products for sale, FORMUFIT products are not for resale as individual units.  
  • Purchasing quantities from FORMUFIT does not grant any type of distributorship or resale license of our products, trademarks and/or copyrights to the purchaser.
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